wwOur Purpose

Doing business as M S Foley Stoneworks, I have set out to produce handcarved sculptures in a wide variety of stone materials.  My initial efforts in 2010 drew most  materials from Cape Ann, Massachusetts glacial till and bedrock.  The locally gathered glacial stones included igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic types in a wide spectrum of colors and grain structures
.  As such, each of my sculptures is unique not only in it's design, but also in the material from which it is carved.  The subjects and styles also vary widely, from simple patterned popple stones to full sculptures in quarried granite.  I have also intentionally provided sculptures in a wide range of prices, making completely unique handcarved pieces available to all.

hairyMy Gallery

My gallery is constantly under construction, and new sculptures are being added frequently.  At this time, I am not processing credit cards, but plan to do so in the near future.  For the time being, if you find something which interests you,  please e-mail me at or call at 508-284-5885 to arrange payment and shipping.  While I do not own a store front, I can arrange a viewing of my sculptures for local customers upon request.  Also, for local customers, pick up or delivery can be easily arranged.  I welcome suggestions and ideas for sculptures and am open to relief and sculpture commision work of all kinds, limited mostly by size.  In addition to the smaller pieces available in my gallery,  I have many pieces on display at local businesses around the Cape Ann area.  Please contact me for current locations.
My Studio
My Background

 I have many years of experience in relief carving work and sculpture.  The majority of my work has been in a variety of hardwoods and in soft pine.  The somewhat recent advent of sintered diamond tools has enabled my transition to working in hard stone such as granite and basalt.  Marine life, sailboats and abstracts are my main areas of sculpture interest.  Please see more on my portfolio link.

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